About Magnus Lawrie

Magnus Lawrie is a graduate student at Edinburgh College of Art and the recipient of the ELMCIP PhD Studentship Award. He is undertaking practice-based research involving Electronic Literature. Since completing a BA (Hons) in Fine Art and MFA in Public Art, Magnus has been involved in groups concerned with Free Software and self-organizing practice. This has involved hackspaces and free media labs in Scotland and elsewhere in Europe. Magnus was active in establishing The Chateau Institute of Technology and, more recently, The Electron Club, Glasgow.

Financial Markets, Public Goods Institutions and Social Interfaces

Financial markets are today visible in stripped down forms. Beside (nevertheless) complex market interactions, efforts to restore confidence in the system are giving way to its fundamental restructuring. As the public mood grows more questioning, fault lines appear in relations between individuals and institutions. Public goods organizations seek to reflect and understand the questioning ethos. Corresponding to this, artists, hackers and activists use new processes to understand structures of contemporary global society, through social dimensions, for future public good. Continue reading