The Glitch Art Genre (From Artifact to Filter)

[This text is a paragraph from my upcoming notebook: "The Glitch Moment(um)" to be released by the Institute of Network Cultures on the 11th of November 2011.]

Abstract: As the popularization and cultivation of glitch artifacts is now spreading more widely, it is interesting to track the development of these processes and their consequences. One of these consequences is that we can consider glitch as an artistic genre. But what does saying ‘glitch is a genre’ actually say? Continue reading

Mal du Materiel: High Technology and its Shadow

The shadow of Human Nature is cast by its materiality, a materiality which now, as in antiquity, must be won by mechanical processes. These processes have been shrunk and disappeared into the hardware, but they still cast a shadow, which follows us around, calling us to seek out and explore their human industrial legacy. Here we may see the merciless Bataille-ian economy of excess of which we are an infinitesimal part, and address, with Flusser and Crichton, the justification for techno-ethics. Continue reading