Networked Art and Digital Culture in Italy


Ph. D. studerende Tatiana Bazzichelli
holder foredrag om
Arte in rete e cultura digitale in Italia

Fredag d. 9 april kl. 13 lok. 1461-516. Language: Italian

The talk at the Department of Language, Literature & Culture, Italian culture ( by Tatiana Bazzichelli will investigate the development of net art, hacker art and digital culture in Italy. The seminar will present some Italian artistic and activist projects, topic of Bazzichelli’s book Networking. La rete come arte | The Net as Artwork, published in Italian in December 2006 by Costa & Nolan (Milan) and in English by DARC, Digital Aesthetics Research Center of Aarhus, 2009 – Preface by Derrick de Kerckhove. Other source of the talk will be the just published Anthology of Italian Webliterature – Parla come Navighi (Il Foglio Letterario, 2010, curated by Mario Gerosa), book for which Bazzichelli wrote the foreword.

Host of the Seminar is Associate Professor Leonardo Cecchini (Department of Language, Literature & Culture, AU).

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