Aesthetic eruptions of the digital

volcanic eruptions

KaserneScenen, Aarhus University
9.30 // Thursday 22 April 2010
Developing programme

Due to the ash- and eruption related cancellation of the three-day seminar “Interweaving Technologies – the Aesthetics of Digital Urban Living”, you are hereby cordially invited to the mini-seminar “Aesthetic eruptions of the digital”.

This will be a minor seminar of 3-4 hours where we will take our departure in the already prepared presentations by the presenters from the Aarhus area. Additionally, we will have two of the workshops originally intended for the cancelled conference, as Martin Howse and Gordan Savicic will be joining us.

The seminar is organised by Digital Aesthetics Research Center and Centre for Digital Urban Living. You are all cordially invited to participate in the seminar and the resulting discussions.

Please follow the developing programme here. On this web page you will also find further information on venue etc.

Hope to see you there,

Lone Koefoed Hansen and Lars Bo Løfgreen

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