What is the role of digital climate art? Invitation for a video confession!

As part of the upcoming ISEA Ruhr 2010, we will be presenting a panel on climate art: The Digital Aesthetics of Climate Crisis. In order to strengthen the scope and bring in fresh perspectives on this issue, we would like to ask, if you would be interested in participating through a short prerecorded video clip (2 minutes max.) that we may use during our panel session. This is a strategy developed for the CO2NFESSION / CO2MMITMENT installation (presented at the panel and shortly below), that we will use in order to open up the panel and the discussion about the possible roles for digital art in climate crisis. We will be happy with any response! We plan to publish the videos on http://www.vimeo.com/iseaclimate (please indicate if you don’t want this!).

In short, we would like to ask you to record yourself (using your web cam):
1) give us your idea on what role (digital) art should or could play when dealing with the issue of climate change
2) confess your climate sinns and consider making a future commitment
3) email the video as an attachment to climateconfession@gmail.com
(preferred formats: .avi, .mov, .m4v, .mpeg, .mpg, .qt, .wmv)
4) please do so asap. and before 10 August

About our panel:
Besides mediating science and politics, how is the climate crisis intrinsically related to the form and functioning of digital art, what are the criteria for evaluating and critically discussing climate art? In our panel we aim to discuss both epistemological issues and broader cultural, political issues in order to examine the particular contribution of digital art to the climate crisis. Relevant questions are how digital art can contribute to questions around how we hear, see, sense climate change, how we experience a post-crisis environment, and how we debate and act facing climate change?


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CO2NFESSION / CO2MMITMENT is an advanced video installation designed at the Center for Digital Urban Living. The installation made it possible for people to confess their climate sins (eating too much meat, taking the car too often, loving technology and the like) and commit themselves to changing their environmental habits. The aim with the installation was to get people in Aarhus engaged in the climate debate on an individual level. The installation consisted of two parts; the confessional booth in the exhibition space (Ridehuset) and various screens distributed around the city at bus stands. People would be able to record videos that were then distributed across the city. In the booth, a range of props made it possible for people to create their own creative climate narratives. See a video presentation at http://www.vimeo.com/iseaclimate

Søren Pold

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