“Hacktivism and Networking”: Presentation of Works

Student Presentations of Networking Projects, from the Course: “Hacktivism and Networking. From mail art to Web 2.0″. Teacher: Tatiana Bazzichelli.

On May 18, from 10.00 to 15.30 at the Lille Auditorium, IT Huset, the Participants of the “Hacktivism and Networking” course are presenting their networking projects. The Session is open to anyone interested in the topics of the course.

Organic Tree, Vittore Baroni, 1992

This course proposes to analyze the roots of artistic practices and social intervention based on both analog and digital subcultural networked art, showing that the current artistic challenge of the Web 2.0 platforms lies in the invention of new courses of action and new contents developed by grassroots communities. A thread that connects networked art such as mail art, culture jamming and hacker art with Web 2.0 social networking practices.

Special thanks to the mail artist Vittore Baroni for his advice and involvement in the project creation.

Objectives of the course:
1. To investigate how to activate an open process of creation, producing new models of technological and cultural intervention, connecting the development of hacker ethics with the new generation of Internet-based services and social networking platforms;
2. To compare the diverse use of art and technology among grassroots communities of artists and activists involved in networking processes during the last half of the twentieth century, with the contemporary Web 2.0 content sharing platforms;
3. To sort out the different types of effects of collective art practices in the aesthetic, so-cio-political and economical fields of intervention;
4. To know the fundamental literature and artworks on networking and culture jamming, analyzing international networked art practices;
5. To develop networking projects, creating visual collective experiments, which are shown in public sessions at the end of the course.

To download the program of the Sessions, click here.

Public Presentations of Networking Projects. Lille Auditorium, IT-Huset, Åbogade 15, 10.00-15-30.

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