Planetary Pledge Pyramid, 2009
Talkaoke, 2009
Atmosphere – the sound and sight of CO2, 2009

Planetary Pledge Pyramid, 2009

In the time leading up to COP15 in Copenhagen, Dec 2009, Planetary Pledge Pyramid was developed together with the British artist collective The People Speak as an exploration of global scale public engagement, dialogue and decision-making, using popular media formats, people can relate to.

The project is a part of the international art exhibition “RETHINK – Contemporary Art & Climate Change”.

PPP was build on the idea of a pyramid scheme: ‘If I could recruit my friends to pledge money AND come up with an idea of how to spend the money, perhaps we could not only proliferate ideas and debate but also generate the financial muscles to carry out the aspirations of the people’. During COP15, PPP also turned into an alternative arena and a critical reflection on COP15.

PPP (the pyramid scheme) in reality consisted of three different platforms, loosely tied together.
1)  Talkaokes at ‘Hopenhagen’, the town of Copenhagen’s public venue during COP15 at the City Hall Square. Talkaoke is a mobile talkshow developed by The People Speak.
2) A Facebook application disseminating PPP, encouraging people to pledge money and bring forward planet-saving ideas.
3) A live game show called Who Wants to be?.. The end of the world edition… which was an adaptation of Who Wants to be?…, a format developed by The People Speak. Here people debated (live and online) planet-saving ideas and choose the best one to back with the money generated by the pyramid scheme.

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Introducing the Planetary Pledge Pyramide from DARC on Vimeo.

Video from Talkaoke on Rådhuspladsen

TALKAOKE 11dec a2 kap1 from DARC on Vimeo.

Talkaoke, 2009

Talkaoke is an open-mic, mobile talk-show developed by the British artist collective the people speak. As part of the ongoing research project Digital Urban Living, Talkaoke was set up at different locations in Denmark (Mølleparken, Aarhus, Gellerup housing estate; Skive Beach Party, Skive; Bruun’s Gallery, Aarhus and other places). The aim of the project was to explore Talkaoke as a format for public urban engagement and further as a platform for innovation using open formats in urban settings.

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Talkaoke in Mølleparken

Atmosphere – the sound and sight of CO2

Investigating how interfaces affect the relation between the public and the private the installation “Atmosphere – the sound of CO2” will, as part of COP15 activities in Copenhagen in December, monitor the quantity of CO2 in the air at three different locations in Copenhagen and transform these data into an audiovisual expression that varies in accordance to the measured quantity of CO2.

As such the installation presents itself as both an artwork and as an interface that in a subtle and peripheral way presents to the public information on non-sensuous aspects of the environment. Aspects that relate to private activities like e.g. car driving and heating of houses. From a research perspective the installation relates to interface design/ interface aesthetics, sonification – the auditory equivalence of data visualization, and to a broader philosophical discussion concerning representational vs. computational aspects of space perception.

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