General meeting 2010

On behalf of the board of DARC we hereby invite all members to participate in our annual general meeting.

1. Election of meeting chair
2. Election of referent
3. Approval of agenda
4. Memorandum from the board
5. Future activities
6. Suggestions
7 Election of 1 board member for the coming 2 years: Lars Bo Løfgreen
8. Election of Chair for the coming 2 years: Christian Ulrik Andersen
9. Election of 2 alternate board members
10. Other things?

If you want to run for election or if you have anything you want on the agenda, please contact Christian Ulrik Andersen

A final copy of the agenda will be posted along with a reminder on our blog one week prior to the general meeting.

TIME/PLACE: 7/10-2010, 13:30-14:30, at IMV (Lunch room)
(NOTE! will be followed by the launch of Geoff’s new book and our new website – including drinks & festivities/crisps)

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