Proposal to change of constitution

For our general meeting, I will like to propose some changes to the constitution of DARC. The constitution is in Danish, but here is an English outline of the proposed changes:

1) Our board currently consists of 5 members, I suggest we expand the board, so that it may have from 5 to 9 members. The group of active members in DARC is growing and I feel that there is a need to reflect this in the constitution of the board.

2) To deal with our rather confusing member list, I suggest that we make it compulsory to reaffirm membership at our annual general meetings. If a member is not able to attend the meeting, a notification of the board is sufficient. The general terms and conditions of membership will not be changed.

3) In case of dissolution of DARC, out belongings will be transferred to Dept. of Aesthetics. This is only hypothetically, but as we are funded by IMV, I suggest that our belongings will be transferred to IMV.

4) I suggest that the treasurer functions as the chairman of the center, in the event that the chair for some reason is not present. Currently, the board has to elect a substitute chairman, and I don’t believe this has ever been done.

The proposal is available for download (in Danish): vedtaegter_2010_forslag

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