Gate Peepin’ or a few thoughts on delivering people

Lecture by Linda Hilfling
Det lille Auditorium, IT-huset, Åbogade, Aarhus Universitet
Tid: fredag d. 26. nov. kl. 14 – 16

Abstract: Did you agree to the Terms of Service? You probably did. The countless click-and-agree contracts populating the Web are veritable gate keepers of the communities making up today’s net culture – You need to agree in order to get access to a given service. The information architectures provide possibilities for users to communicate and publish content, but the ToS contracts governing the spaces, offers the service providers an influential control over user activities. Gate Peepin’ is a critical design intervention attempting to point out the relationship between such virtual (read: not code-based) laws and user-generated content within online Web 2.0 service platforms.

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