Research seminar: Disruptive innovation

In relation to DARC member’s ongoing research (, we aim to rework the business concept ‘disruptive innovation’ and frame interactions between the fields of business and digital art/activism in new ways.

New technologies involving self-organization (e.g. Wikipedia) disrupt business practices. The subversive business models implied in many digital art and activist practices offer opportunities to re-examine assumptions about e.g. resources and innovation methods that can be used for either business or arts development, or social benefit.

To start the discussion about the intersection between business models and digital art/activism, the seminar will include short presentations by Constance Kampf (Dept. of Business Communication, Aarhus University), Christian Ulrik Andersen and Geoff Cox (both DARC members)

Constance will present how knowledge management for innovation, decision making, and identification offers conceptual frameworks for business and art interrupting each other. Geoff and Christian will present ideas developed for the ISEA 2011 panel DON’T HATE THE BUSINESS, BECOME THE BUSINESS.

Location/time: Turing 130, Friday Sept. 30, 13:00-15:00

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