Opening of Godsbanen and Aarhus Center for Visual Art

We invite you to the opening of Godsbanen and Aarhus Center for Visual Art

On March the 30th from 13.00. pm.–02.00 am. a wide variety of theatre, dance, video, performance, visual art, literature and music will be presented at Godsbanen. Aarhus Center for Visual Arts welcome you, in corporation with the two other newly established Centre for literature and Centre for stage arts, with a program of performances on the project floor.

The program includes the hilarious performance of Claus Ejner (DK), the poetic texts of Mads Mygind (DK) and Bjørn Rasmussen (DK) and dj’s from the record label GEIGER. You will in addition to this have the opportunity to meet the heads of the three centres. The place is Godsbanen – a brand new centre for cultural production in Aarhus – and will besides the three centres house a civic restaurant, workshops, stages for theatre and music and accommodation for artists in residence.

At Jutland Art Academy, Loud Objects (USA) is currently at residence, and will execute an electronic sound performance at the opening. Moreover, the artist group 3100 from Jutland Art Academy is working on an installation made out of used electronic devises that will be turned into an orchestra.

Another vital collaborator is Flux Factory (USA); a collective of artist, performers and curators that will throw a vibrant performance show also at the opening. The show will feature a guest appearance by performance artist Mathias Kryger (DK), and will be a blend of an opera, a ceremony and a race that will involve the audience. Flux Factorys own exhibition opens at Spanien 19C the 31st of March.

Last but not least, Danish artist Sixten Therkildsen has curated the video show “Salt & Bread“. It contains short videos of Ana Brotas (PT) Luc Gut (CH), Tova Mozard (S), Jasper Elings (NL), Morten Dysgaard (DK) and Jessica Weigmann (USA). All the videos deal with very basic issues such as moving, of belonging and not belonging and with identity and the threat against it. These videos will also be available in April during the opening hours of the Center for Visual Art.

We hope that March the 30th will be a day of celebration and professional input, and that you want to participate.
Attached is the program for all of the opening activities at Godsbanen.

Sincerely, Anja Raithel\ head of Aarhus Center for Visual Arts and the board of Aabkc.

You can contact Anja Raithel at or by phone: 40123890.
Our website is under construction at:
For further information about Godsbanen, go to:

Godsbanen opens March the 30th, Skovgaardsgade 3-5, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark.
Program for performances:
Presented by Aarhus Center for Visual Art in corporation with Aarhus Center for Literature and Aarhus Center for Stage Art.
The office is open from 14-17. pm. at the project floor.
Location: 1st floor, hall B.
The following performances will also take place at the project floor:
14.30-15.00 pm: Mads Mygind, Bjørn Rasmussen & Claus Ejner.
16.00-16.30 pm: Mads Mygind, Bjørn Rasmussen & Claus Ejner.
DJ‘s from GEIGER will be playing continuously during the day.
Installation, Video Show and performances at Godsbanen:
13- 22 pm: Installation by art collective 3100 from Jutland Art Academy
Location: Spor 4
14-17.30 pm: The Video Show SALT & BREAD.
Curated by visual artist Sixten Therkildsen (DK)
Location: Remisen (the auditorium by the café).
19.00-19.20: Sound performance by Loud Objects (US).
Location: Kedlen (by the café/foyer)
20.00-20.40: performance by Flux Factory (US)
Location: Kedlen (by the café/foyer).

Aarhus Center for Visual Art will play a vital part as a meeting place and as a professional forum for visual artists in Aarhus, and seeks to improve the opportunities for visual artists in Aarhus through counselling, courses and better conditions for production. Our goal is to make Godsbanen a professional and social collective, thereby supporting interdisciplinary production. We will arrange workshops, talks and create possibilities for residencies in Aarhus through national as well as international networking.

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