2500 trees in Colombia

From pledgepyramid.org – posted 18 December after the final “Who Wants to Be…” show at Klimaforum09.

Dear backers, Internet voters and everyone who came and submitted ideas.

We have a winning project, and with your $3000 hitting the funding target at the last minute, it’s going to happen!

Camilo Arreaza, Kai and Freya from Bogata, Colombia, Geneva, Switzerland and Copenhagen Denmark have committed to building a tree nursery for 2500 trees near to Yopal in the oriental flat lands over the Amazon forests!

It was a bit of a chaotic night, with technical problems and lots of improvisation, but everyone was thrilled with the outcome. As soon as we had finished, we realised that we were still $600 short! Camillo quickly got onto the net, phoned a Colombian radio station, and people ran around asking people in the climate forum for a whip round – and in the final hour – with a final few injections of cash – we made it to $3000!

Congratulations everyone who was involved, and thanks for taking part…

Camillo has promised that if anyone wants to come and visit the nursery, he will be happy to show them around, and will post updates to let you all know how the project goes.

We will also send some updates once the dust has settled.



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