Workshop: Urban/Sound/Interfaces

Call for workshop participation during the seminar Interweaving Technologies (The afternoon and evening of 22 April).

Read the full description of the seminar and the workshop here.

The workshop ”Urban/Sound/Interfaces” will take place in Århus during the conference Interweaving Technologies: the aesthetics of digital urban living, on the 21-23 April: The workshop will be centered around a city sound walk with following discussion and reflections. This will take place on the 22nd starting midday and contintuing the rest of the day. In order to explore the above field we will:

  • investigate how digital technologies in the form of sound interfaces offer new ways of navigating and listening to the city and
  • map the city soundscape in order to investigate how the soundscape is organised, what the sounds represent, which functions they have and how (digital) audio technologies influence the soundscape.
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