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Morten Riis in Die Zeit

As part of the In/Compatible Research panel which featured DARC researchers like Christian Ulrik Andersen, Geoff Cox, Morten Breinbjerg, Thomas Bjørnsten, Tatiana Bazzichelli, Morten Riis performed with Steam Machine Music at Transmediale Festival, Berlin. Die Zeit came by and made … Continue reading

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World of the News – The world’s greatest peer-reviewed newspaper of in/compatible research presents cutting edge in/compatible research in an accessible FREE tabloid format. The newspaper partly addresses academia’s increasing demand for publication of academic peer-reviewed journal articles. Perhaps researchers need new visions of how to produce and consume research? Continue reading

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Diagram Workshop

WHAT IS IT? Drawing on (amongst others) Gilles Deleuze’s notion of the diagram. Into the Diagram is a workshop/event exploring all kinds of dia/gramming, especially diagrams, maps, biograms, indeed many kinds of grams. We’re interested in the practice and philosophy of diagrams … Continue reading

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