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Richard Harbus for New York Daily News Roslyn Strausberg (C) asked the Daily News for help to have the city re-install a bus shelter on Paul Avenue and 205th street. It seems the residents of Bedford Park will get their bus shelter after all.“It will be a wonderful Christmas present for all of us,” said resident Sonia Lappin on learning that a permanent bus shelter was in the works.Residents had been trying for months to get the city to re-install wholesale purses designer the shelter at Paul Ave. and W. 205th St. after it was removed last summer to make way for construction.After learning of the residents’ plight from the Daily News, City Councilman James Vacca reached out to both the city Department of Transportation and Cemusa, the company that builds the city’s bus shelters.“I stressed the urgency of the situation,” said Vacca, who chairs the council’s transportation committee. “I thought the community and especially the seniors were entitled to this basic necessity.”Last May, the city took down brands for bags for women the Paul Ave. bus shelter and relocated the bus stop to make way for nearby construction by the MTA.Later in the summer, the city moved the bus stop back to its original location. But the shelter wasn’t scheduled to return until May 2012.Some Bedford Park residents called the timetable into question saying the construction in the area had long been completed.Others, who rely on the Bx10 and Bx28 buses, worried that they would have to suffer through the winter Tan Clutch Bag exposed Summer Bags to the elements.“Now that construction in the michael kors outlet site area has been completed, DOT has authorized us to rebuild the bus shelter,” said Cemusa spokeswoman Online Outlet Shop Risa B. Heller.“Pending what we expect will be a short permitting process, the new shelter should be up within a few weeks.”Local residents are “thrilled.”“How wonderful,” said resident Roslyn Strausberg, 86. “I talked to a lot of people who take the bus there to work or at off hours, and we were all keeping our fingers crossed. We’re so grateful.”Herbert Weiser, 91, called the news “terrific.”“I can’t wait. We had it before and they took it down. And it was really a hardship,” he said. “I’m happy it will be coming back.”

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