NEWSPAPER: Public Interfaces

Following the conference & PhD workshop at Aarhus University “Public Interfaces”, Digital Aesthetics Research Center & Center for Digital Urban Living (Aarhus University) have published the PEER-REVIEWED NEWSPAPER: NYHEDSAVISEN – PUBLIC-INTERFACES.

Editors: Christian Ulrik Andersen, Geoff Cox, Jacob Lund
Aarhus, March 2011
Design: Ida Knudsen, Geoff Cox, Christian Ulrik Andersen
CC license: ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike’
ISBN: 87-91810-18-3 / EAN 9788791810183

The publication is available for download but is also published in print as a tabloid newspaper in 1000 copies.

Press release:


»A fake is a fake. Anyway« Les Liens Invisibles

»We can only guess that fake publishing will mark the dawning of a new information era« The Financial Times

NYHEDSAVISEN: PUBLIC-INTERFACES is a fake newspaper presenting cutting edge research in an accessible FREE tabloid format. The newspaper is a 100% genuine copy of the famous Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

The increasing demand for publication of academic peer-reviewed journal articles must be met. Unfortunate examples demonstrate that this may lead to plagiarism. This is not a viable solution. Research must be original and academia is not lacking original content. But perhaps researchers need new visions of how to produce research? Perhaps the readers need new ways of consuming research? Why not imagine academic research as something that can be consumed on a daily basis, in the train or at the breakfast table?

On April 1, at 13 am, NYHEDSAVISEN: PUBLIC-INTERFACES will be handed out to the public at the metro station ‘DR Byen/Universitetet’ in Copenhagen as well as at the central railway station in Aarhus and the State Library. Also, issues will be tactically placed in selected free newspaper stands and at University lunchrooms worldwide.

Emerging from the Digital Aesthetics Research Center and the Center for Digital Urban Living (Aarhus University), the aim of NYHEDSAVISEN: PUBLIC-INTERFACES is to encompass the changing concept of the ’public’. This is the result of an ongoing research in the computer interface.

CONTENT: Our starting point is that the computer interface is a cultural paradigm affecting not only our creative production and presentation of the world but also our perception of the world. We recognize that in the past decade, interfaces have been expanding from the graphical user interface of the computer to meet the needs of different new technologies, uses, cultures and contexts: they are more mobile, networked, ubiquitous, and embedded in the environment and architecture, part of regeneration agendas and new aesthetic and cultural practices, etc.. NYHEDSAVISEN: PUBLIC-INTERFACES investigates these new interfaces that affect relations between public and private realms, and generate new forms urban spaces and activities, new forms of exchange and new forms of creative production.

The newspaper is organised into thematic strands (URBAN, ART, CAPITAL) and brings together researchers from diverse fields – across aesthetics, cultural theory, architecture, digital design and urban studies – united by the need to understand public interfaces and the paradigmatic changes they pose to these fields.

All articles derive from an initial conference and PhD workshop held in January 2011, at Aarhus University. NYHEDSAVISEN: PUBLIC-INTERFACES and the full papers can be downloaded and commented on our website:

Geoff Cox, Aarhus University, Arts,, tel: +45 8942 9214
Christian Ulrik Andersen, Aarhus University, Arts,, tel: +45 8942 9260


Notes from the editors, Christian Ulrik Andersen, Geoff Cox & Jacob Lund:

Although our starting point derives from a concept of the public informed by network theory and the social practices around computing, we aim to expand this view in recognition of the ways in which contemporary power and control are structured.

The following questions operate as points of departure:
“Can the public interface be used as a useful concept for understanding changing relations between public and private realms within aesthetic practices?”
“Does the public interface offer a way of examining relational aesthetics, the cultural regeneration agenda and public art?”
“Does the public interface provide new understandings of the relationship between creative production, the free market sphere and its critique?”
“How does the possible dissolution of the public and private spheres relate to bio-politics and contemporary forms of power?”
“Does the public interface suggest new perceptions, borders or even the dissolution of borders between the centre and peripheries of urban settings?”
“How do the experimentation and developments in the culture of  software reflect emergent and self-organizing public actions?”

The newspaper and event was kindly supported by Center for Digital Urban Living, Digital Aesthetics Research Centre, and The Doctoral School in Arts and Aesthetics, Aarhus University, Denmark.


All articles derive from an initial conference and PhD workshop held in January 2011, at Aarhus University. Full papers can be downloaded and further comments made on our [THIS] website.

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