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The difference between author and public, maintained artificially by the bourgeois press, is beginning to disappear – Walter Benjamin

Following the conference, conference presenters have reworked their papers and submitted short articles to be included in a newspaper.
The newspaper has been printed in 1.000 copies and is also available for download, as are the numerous contributions that did not make it in full length into the newspaper.

Comments to articles are welcome and can be made to the conference article.

Editors: Christian Ulrik Andersen, Geoff Cox, Jacob Lund
Aarhus, March 2011
Design: Ida Knudsen, Geoff Cox, Christian Ulrik Andersen
CC license: ‘Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike’
ISBN: 87-91810-18-3 / EAN 9788791810183


The Patterns of Software Cities – Christian Ulrik Andersen and Søren Bro Pold

When Art Goes Disruptive – Tatiana Bazzichelli

The Control Society After 9/11 – Mikkel Bolt Rasmussen

Mapping the Unmappable, Knowing the Unknowable – Robert Brown

Hybrid Public Art Practice – Kevin Carter

Public Interfa(e)ces – Geoff Cox

Building-­sized Interfaces – Tobias Ebsen

Self-­Service Broadcasting – Phil Ellis

iPublic Interfaces – Nina Gram

Beam It – Rui Guerra

No Room to Move – Josephine Berry Slater and Anthony Iles

Why we should be ‘Discrete’ in Public – Robert Jackson

Some Questions on Curating as (Public) Interface to the Art Market – Joasia Krysa

Encyclopedic Public, Multitude, Virno, Interface – Lars Bo Løfgreen

Sensus Communis and the Public – Jacob Lund

One, Other and the Same – Malcolm Miles

Digital Art and Culture After Industry? -­ Søren Bro Pold and Christian Ulrik Andersen

The Right to the City – Zoran Poposki

Noise at the Interface – Andrew Prior

The Interface and the Machine – Morten Riis

The Creative Public – Jan Løhmann Stephensen

Interfacing the Commons – Magda Tyzlik-­Carver

Interface Design for Shared Spaces – Nina Valkanova

Other contributions, abstracts, draft papers and comments can be found here.

Published by DARC/DUL, Aarhus University, January 2011

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